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Panda Express is the fastest growing food chain in Asia. It has thousands of folds all over the world. Panda Express is renowned for their American Chinese cuisine. The headquarters of food Panda Express located in San Gabriel Valley in North America. Many Panda Express restaurants are situated in the shopping mall, airport, small food courts. With every passing year, Panda Express is spreading its business with rapid speed. Panda Express is available everywhere so, a person can visit the nearby Panda Express food court according to choice and occasion.

About Panda Express

Panda Express is one of the pioneers of American Chinese food. The food industry located in Southern California has become the ideal place for all foodies. This company was established in the year 1983. Panda Express has the more than 2000 outlets in Canada, US and Mexico. Every day millions of people visit food panda. It is the first restaurant in America provides Asian food with an American touch. Panda Express also has their own restaurants now. The main aim of the company is customer satisfaction that’s why company updates their menu constantly and provides best quality services. They also provide the fastest delivery services.

Panda Express provides large variety in their menu items. Also, you can use cash for the payment or you can use gift cards that also act as the cash. These gift cards are available on their official website and you can win such exiting gift cards through Panda Express online survey. Panda Express is conducting an online customer survey to know what their customers think about Panda Express services. The survey is available on their official website www.pandaexpress.com/survey. If you have you visited panda express store and have a valid receipt, then you must give your feedback about your experience at panda express. This not only helps the company in making future strategies but also, gives you the opportunity to win coupon codes. Before taking part in the survey one must consider some points and fulfill some requests.

Panda Express Survey Requirements

The most important thing to participate in the Panda Express survey is a recent receipt from the Panda Express store. The receipt has the survey invitation code this is unique for every for every store. Also, you need to fill in some information about the restaurant you visited such as date, location etc.  You need a receipt to write down the coupon code too.

To participate in the survey you need devices like a computer or laptop and good internet connectivity to access the sites. If computers are not available then you can access the site on your mobile. A good internet connection plays the significant role in determining how smooth your survey is going to be so better to have a good internet connection, as it can save time to much extent. The familiarity with languages is important. The default webpage appears in English but you can choose language according to your preference. Once you fulfil all the requirement you can easily take part in the survey.

The complete guide to Panda Express Survey

panda express feedback survey

The Panda Express survey is available on www.pandaexpress.com/survey. Panda Express is trying to find out the pattern usually followed by the customers. Hence they have set this survey to communicate with the customers. When you visit the Panda Express survey website, you will get to see the nice webpage with the welcome message from the company. Step by step guide to the Panda Express customer satisfaction service is as follows.

  1. First please visit the Panda Express website www.pandaexpress.com/survey. To begin the survey, enter survey code. The invitation or survey code is available on the top of the receipt.
  2. Enter the store number, date and time as per shown in your receipt.
  3. Please enter the address of Panda Express restaurant you visited recently.
  4. You need to provide information about your order like order no and type of order. The order is visible on the top of your receipt and type of order can be home delivery or dine in.
  5. Now enter the date and time you visited the restaurant.
  6. You can also take help of sample receipt given. Press next button and now your actual survey will begin.
  7. You have to answer the different questions regarding your experience at panda express. Provide all answers honestly.
  8. You have to rate the customer services and quality of food as per your satisfaction.
  9. You can share your whole experience in the comment section but this optional.
  10. At the end of the Panda Express survey you will get the Panda Express coupon code, note that code on your receipt and use it in your next Panda Express visit as the cash discount.

Panda Express Survey Rewards

At the end of the survey, the coupon code will appear on the screen, you have to note that coupon code on your receipt. Now on the next visit to the panda express store, you can use that coupon codes instead of cash. Sometimes many offers are restricted to a particular location and time duration customers should take of that also.

Panda Express Survey Troubleshooting and Useful Links

In order to participate in the Panda Express survey, you need to have Javascript and cookies installed, without that you may face the problem. You can give feedback to the Panda Express without actually participating in the survey for that you have to visit their official page www.pandaexpress.com/contactus. If you want to know about the ongoing offers at your nearby panda express store then, you can visit www.pandaexpress.com/connectus. It is very easy to contact panda express through social media and their official sites. Some of the useful links of the panda express survey are as follows.


If you want to give feedback about Panda Express and you have a valid receipt then, you must take part in Panda Express survey.

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