Taco Bell Survey at www.tellthebell.com & Win $500 Cash

Taco Bell Survey at TellTheBell gives you an easiest chance to win grand sweepstake of $500 cash just by completing the simple survey. If you just have visited the restaurant outlet then you should be checking here at their customer satisfaction survey. It will be the easiest and simplest way for to make 500 bucks in your life. Other than this you also might win free food after completing the survey.

Taco Bell Customer Satisfaction Feedback Survey @|Tellthebell.Com

Taco Bell customer satisfaction survey has various steps and it might be tough for you to complete the survey. So, we have included every step to complete the survey with Taco Bell Sweepstakes, guide and steps and much more related to the survey. Check the post very carefully and get your chance to win your sweepstakes of $500 in cash.

Taco Bell Customer Satisfaction Survey at tellthebell.com

Taco Bell Customer Satisfaction Survey at tellthebell.com

Taco Bell is very popular for the Mexican food including tacos, burritos, and other Tex-Mex cuisine-related fast food. This brand is run under YUM! Brands, the company who also runs KFC. So, they look to their customer’s feedback and reviews and take it seriously. The survey under Taco Bell Survey includes all your experience including employees and staff behavior or coordination, price and products, quick services, order reliability and all experience you have had at their restaurant outlets.

If you are a regular user at this restaurant then you must be completing this survey. You should help them to treat you better. It’s not just probably happens that the store or restaurant gives you chance to win $500 just for completing their survey. So, you must take a chance here to completing the survey and take your chance to win 500 bucks. 

TellTheBell Survey Sweepstakes, Reward, and Prize

You might be wondering what will be the rewards or prize you can get after completing this feedback and customer satisfaction survey. Many users think whether these sweepstakes are real or not. First, we have provided the list of winners at the lower side of the article. So, you can easily understand that the rewards and prizes are absolutely legit and real.

TellTheBell Survey Sweepstakes, Reward, and Prize

TellTheBell Sweepstakes – You might be aware of their offers and prize that the company offers $500  grand prize as a reward after completing the survey. When you will complete the survey, you will get automatically a unique code via which you can win 500 bucks as the prize. Then you will be nominated as a contestant and if the sweepstakes lie on your unique code you will be having the money and that is US$ 500.

TellTheBell | Taco Bell Survey Rules and Requirements

There are some rules and requirements that you must be having it before entering to the survey. You can not apply for their survey if you are not having some of that specific requirements. It will check whether if you are eligible for the survey or not.

Eligibility for Taco Bell Survey

  • You can not apply here without a receipt from their restaurant outlet.
  • You can apply by the receipt of your visit under one month.
  • One can apply only once in a week per receipt.
  • You must be the resident of the United States from any of the 50 states or you must be from the District of the Columbiana. You should be a citizen or have citizenship of the United States of America.
  • Age must 18+. You should be 18 years or older to apply for this survey.
  • You should be having any device with which you can connect to them on the Internet including PCs, Laptop, mobile or anything.
  • English or Spanish. One must have basic knowledge from any of these languages. The survey is done by the official website under these two languages.
  • There are 13 periods every year through which you can enter to their lucky draw. On this year from July 2017/18, the draw ending dates are as follow; 7/25/17, 8/22/17, 9/19/17, 10/17/17, 11/14/17, 12/14/17, 1/9/18, 2/6/18, 3/6/18, 4/3/18, 5/1/18, 5/29/18, 6/26/18. So, it will be must for you to visit the store and get the receipt and apply for their grand prize lottery for 500 bucks. So, the survey will start on June 30, 201, and will end on June 26, 2018.
  • Know their more rules with Terms and conditions of Taco Bell Survey Terms and Conditions.

Taco Bell Survey Step by Step Guide At tellthebell.com

There are some steps you need to follow to complete the survey. So, here is the easiest method by which you can easily complete the survey. You need to follow those steps and you soon will be able to apply for US$ 500 sweepstakes.

TellTheBell Survey

  • First, visit the official Taco Bell survey page at tellthebell.com.
  • You will be required to provide 16 digit code there which is written on your receipt of the visit at their restaurant.

TellTheBell Taco Bell Survey

  • After you enter the official survey site, you will be asked some simple questions regarding what you have experienced at the restaurant outlets. You will be having five options on each question to choose from Highly Satisfied, Satisfied, Neither Satisfied Nor Dissatisfied, Dissatisfied or Highly Dissatisfied. The questions can be as follow shown;
  1. Please rate your overall satisfaction with your experience at this Taco Bell.TellTheBell Taco Bell Survey


  1. Then you will be asked about the appearance of your food, friendliness of team members, service speed, cleanliness, portion size and accuracy of your order.TellTheBell Taco Bell Survey
  2. Did you experience any problem during your visit? You will have to choose your answer from YES or No.TellTheBell Taco Bell Survey
  3. Based on this trip they will check if you would like to visit the restaurant of theirs again based on your likelihood. Again you will be having five option to choose from highly Likely, Likely, Somewhat Likely, Not Very Likely, Not At All Likely.TellTheBell Taco Bell Survey
  4. Then you have to tell them why you were not HIGHLY SATISFIED with their services. And if you have chosen HIGHLY SATISFIED before, then you will be asked why you feel so? You have to write in words for this. The maximum limit would be of 1200 words.TellTheBell Taco Bell Survey
  5. Did you purchase a hard shell Taco? You have to choose from YES or NO.TellTheBell Taco Bell Survey
  6. Was your Taco visually full? Yes or NO?TellTheBell Taco Bell Survey
  7. Then you will be asked to enter the sweepstakes. You have to choose from YES or No. Even if you are not wished to enter the sweepstakes please choose YES and then win the prize and give it to me. 😉TellTheBell Taco Bell Survey
  • There you have completed the questions and then you have to provide your First Name, Last Name and Phone Number to apply for sweepstakes.

TellTheBell Taco Bell Survey

  • Here, you have completed the survey and you will see the last message as you have completed the survey and you are now entered sweepstakes. You will be notified if you are winner via post or mobile.

TellTheBell Survey Winners Notification

The person enters the sweepstakes every week is informed by the cell phone, mobile, internet, post or by the mail. Non-success to pass or return the signed affirmation of qualification and liability release under 14 days of notification, or return of any reward notification as undeliverable, may result in abandonment of the prize and the selection of next sweepstakes winner, without any more announcement from a sponsor, in sponsor’s sole responsibility.

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TellTheBell Taco Bell Survey Sweepstakes Rules

Even if you win the sweepstakes but you do not follow the rules listed by them, there no meaning of your winning. If you are qualified with those rules then and then you can win the sweepstakes.

  • You must be the legal resident of the United States of America.
  • One who is applying for sweepstakes must be 18 years or older.
  • You should be having postcard, message or receipt via which you were notified.

Taco Bell Survey at Tell The Bell $500 Sweepstakes Winner

As many users have doubt that, do they really give the reward of US$ 500 just for completing the survey? So, we do have provided here the list of winners that would provide you an exact information that they are real.

Entry Period 1- Tammy D, NY
Entry Period 2- Margaret D, IL
Entry Period 3- Jerry D, MI
Entry Period 4- Maggie M, FL
Entry Period 5- Erica G, WV
Entry Period 6- Terry R, CA
Entry Period 7- Tina S, PA
Entry Period 8- Deborah W, IN
Entry Period 9- Ben B, OK
Entry Period 10- Amber F, GA
Entry Period 11- Carl H, IN
Entry Period 12- Donna P, FL
Entry Period 13- Catherine C, NY
Entry Period 14- Nancy C, MI
Entry Period 15- Charles K, KY
Entry Period 16- Cory S, MO
Entry Period 17- Brady B, CA
Entry Period 18- Orrett D, NY
Entry Period 19- Frank O, MO
Entry Period 20- Amanda R, TN
Entry Period 21- Cristy R, KY
Entry Period 22- Sarah H, IN
Entry Period 23- Michael M, WI
Entry Period 24- Caroline L, CO
Entry Period 25- Minjung C, GA
Entry Period 26- Stephanie H, PA
Entry Period 27- Melody P, TX
Entry Period 28- Stuart S, CA
Entry Period 29- Erin B, CO
Entry Period 30- Kaleb C, AR
Entry Period 31- Shelley M, IA
Entry Period 32- Christie Y, MO
Entry Period 33- Jeremy B, MN
Entry Period 34- Alec F, NV
Entry Period 35- Lauren M, MA
Entry Period 36- Clarence M, NC
Entry Period 37- Jeffrey D, HI
Entry Period 38- Steve B, KX
Entry Period 39- Harley M, IN
Entry Period 40- Andrew N, TX
Entry Period 41- Brenda D, OH
Entry Period 42- Ulia C, OH
Entry Period 43- Jill H, NY
Entry Period 44- Sherrie W, NV
Entry Period 45- Debra K, OR
Entry Period 46- Randall R, IN
Entry Period 47- Kim M, MN
Entry Period 48- Atheshia H, VA
Entry Period 49- Emily S, OH
Entry Period 50- Sheila W, MO
Entry Period 1- Brenda H, TX
Entry Period 2- Joanne C, VA
Entry Period 3- Jacquelyn D, PA
Entry Period 4- Soledad A, PA
Entry Period 5- Joan W, PA
Entry Period 6- Lisa O, WA
Entry Period 7- Paul L, PA
Entry Period 8- Lillie M, OR
Entry Period 9- Crissy Z, PA
Entry Period 10- Bruce M, IL
Entry Period 11- Kendahl M, KY
Entry Period 12- Connie K, AZ
Entry Period 13- Al L, FL
Entry Period 14- Kathy D, IL
Entry Period 15- Gaby L, IL
Entry Period 16- Jimmy S, KY
Entry Period 17- Christopher J, IL
Entry Period 18- Kiasha T, WA
Entry Period 19- Dilan H, MI
Entry Period 20- Wendy P, IN
Entry Period 21- Bobbi H, NY
Entry Period 22- Zuleyma S, IL
Entry Period 23- Brand L, KY
Entry Period 24- Darren H, TX

Taco Bell Customer Service Phone Number

Here in this post, we are also providing Taco Bell phone number so please check it. Taco Bell Customer Service Phone Number +1-800-822-6235


We hope we have satisfied you here with data information and steps provided for Taco Bell Customer Survey at TellTheBell. The post published here is with factual and real records and data. We provide genuinely as far as possible. For more sweepstakes and genuine survey information please visit our official site at https://customersurveyfeedback.net. Keep visiting the site for more updates and information. Thank you and Good Luck with your sweepstakes!!!. Thanks

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